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Our children's mental health matters.

In light of the global pandemic it is evident that our nation’s children are facing a growing mental health crisis that can only be combated by a comprehensive teacher training program.  Teachers need a training program that will give them the tools necessary to help their students who are facing mental health struggles.

Team Project RISE has prepared a mental health training course for teachers. This course will help them identify early warning signs of mental health issues and appropriately interact with students facing such challenges.  

Our teachers are our first responders; we want to give them all the tools necessary help them, and their students, in the classroom.

50.7 million

The number of children attending public schools across the U.S.

1 in 5

Children in the U.S. experience a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder.


The increase in mental health related E.R. visits in the last year among children aged 12-17 since the pandemic.

Children are facing a mental health crisis.

In children, mental health stressors have deleterious consequences on individual and socioeconomic factors and can impede healthful transitioning into adulthood, and the incidences of mental health struggles have been increasing over the decades. The cost of inaction is staggering: students will continue to struggle, mental health issues will increase, and overall learning will continue to decline.

There has never been such a widespread need for mental health education and training than now, as our students and teachers are in the midst of and recovering from the depression, anxiety, isolation and trauma that COVID-19 has created in all of our schools.
Corky O'Rourke
Educator & Mental Health Advocate
It's important that teachers and administrators understand what anxiety/adhd or other mental health stressors looks like for students to best support. Empathy, compassion, and kindness are key to a student's success.
Dr. Regine Muradian
Clinical Psychologist
It's unacceptable there is no comprehensive training program to equip our teachers with the tools they need to address mental health. This policy is long overdue.
Anna Siddiqui
Attorney & Activist

We need legislation that supports our children's mental health.

We need a plan that will give our teachers the tools necessary to identify early warning signs of mental health struggles and appropriately interact with students facing such challenges.